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    Employer Brand & Communication

    Before you even know a candidate exists the story you are telling matters. We shape perceptions, your unique employer brand and reputation while creating communications that engage the right talent.

    • Internal / external – quantitative and qualitative research.
    • Employer brand identity.
    • Employer Value Proposition (EVP) discovery.
    • 'Candidate-into-employee' touchpoint review.

    Create & Communicate

    • Brand Design and Implementation Programmes.
    • Content & Tone of Voice Programmes.
    • Mobile-first strategic planning & app development.
    • Social Media strategy and campaigns.
    • Filming & Video production.
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    Recruitment Marketing

    We create high impact, brand aligned communication and talent attraction campaigns. Focussed on attraction, interaction and engagement. Capturing the attention of specific talent for your business in the right way.

    Our work is completely tailored, striking the balance between your internal employer brand and target personas.
    • Target market and persona identification
    • Attraction channel development
    • Careers site and microsite campaigns
    • Recruitment process and assessment centre design.
    • Content and communications.
    • Social Media strategy and internal training
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    People Analytics

    Just one-third of talent acquisition leaders consistently measure employer brand, even fewer measure candidate experience. Our unique survey technology captures real-time insight into your recruitment process, on-boarding and employee lifecycle.

    Whether you engage candidates on the phone, face-to-face or online, our analytics tool provides instant feedback. It shows you where to focus, how to improve, what to invest and measures for success.

    We run Candidate Experience Measurement Programmes across the whole applicant to employee lifecycle:
    • Candidate NPS (cNPS) programmes.
    • Candidate journey development.
    • Real-time recruitment touchpoint tracking.
    • Voice of the Candidate Programmes.
    • Monitoring Brand Perception.
    • Employee Engagement Programmes.
    Contact us, to capture an alternative perspective of your recruitment process.

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    Koppla is Swedish for connect.


    We help connect brands with candidate journeys, processes with technology, people with knowledge, candidate insight with improvements, companies with the right talent.


    'Connect' is our core principle, internally our strength is in genuine collaboration, the sharing of ideas to help ensure successful outcomes for our clients.


    As talent acquisition and marketing principals continue to merge, we have brought together an experienced consultancy team drawn from the worlds of marketing, digital communications, social media, research and recruitment.


    Whatever it takes to make you the go to employer.


    Steve Usher

    Driven, creative and passionate about the subjects of Employer Branding and Candidate Experience.
    I create ideas and concepts for organisations to engage and attract talent using well defined branding and communications.
    Candidate experience is very much at the heart of everything I do. What people see, hear and experience during a recruitment process defines perceptions of you as an employer and brand.
    I love coffee, Swedish chocolate, LFC, Converse, Campus London, Tech startups, Industry disrupters and technology.
    Favourite companies
    Pact Coffee
    Campus London
    Ovo Energy
    Cocoa Runners

    Gareth Morgan

    Born with ink in my blood, I have a passion for openness and truth forged on Fleet Street and hardened as a digital pioneer.


    I am driven by the belief that content is the only remaining form of marketing that can truly add value to products and services.


    Smart digital consumers take on information without distraction by banners and buttons. Telling your brand story in a compelling, engaging way is vital.


    I’m a sucker for Apple products, love all newspapers, architecture and innovation. Also a long-suffering Wolves fan and Welsh rugby supporter.


    Favourite companies:

    BLOC Hotels

    Chris Reed

    I’m motivated by the constant challenge of improving corporate reputations in an increasingly dynamic social age.


    I bring 20 years of top-flight PR experience coupled with an inquisitive passion for new channels and new techniques to help companies communicate better, but more importantly, how to use those tools to function better as well.


    In short, I help businesses look beyond social media towards becoming true social businesses.


    I’m into music of almost every sort, disruptive technologies, fantastic photography, social innovation and apps with purpose.


    Favourite companies


    American Express

    Hiut jeans

    Sennheiser headphones


    W Hotels







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    Company Page

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