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Candidate experiences identical to your customer experience.

How would you fair on ‘likelihood to recommend to a friend’ based on the experience of your recruitment process?

The recruitment model in the UK is often delivered with little thought to the candidate. By focusing on their experience and treating them with the same respect we treat customers, you can improve.

Consider using a customer experience metric, say Net Promoter Score (NPS), to measure candidate experience. Listening to what people are thinking about your process identifies where to invest and improve.

Transactional, impersonal processes and the rush to hire ASAP damage employer reputations. Causing disappointment and negative emotions.

You cannot afford to approach talent strategy in the same way you did in 2014. Lightning change is taking place. The competition is evolving daily.

Candidate experience is everything. Smart businesses treat candidates with the same respect they treat customers.

O2 enjoyed a meteoric rise thanks to an effective customer strategy, taking a forensic approach to the journey.

Early life – Clear information, guidance and dedicated support was available to new customers. Likely questions about the product or service were anticipated and addressed.

In life – The focus turned to developing the relationship further and learning more about customers as an individual. This allowed opportunities to expand the product offering to broadband and fixed line.

For life –  Existing customers were the first in queue for the latest products and nurtured to love the brand. They became advocates for the business.

Translate this approach to the candidate journey and transform the experience.

  • Map your candidates journey, start from the eyes of the candidate, then to your internal processes.
  • Review touch points and identify key moments of truth. Capture the attention and imagination; be positive, clear and supportive.
  • Deliver engaging, relevant, well-crafted communications. How does the content, tone and brand make you feel?
  • Pre-empt candidates every need; identify what people will ask or need in the way of information as they follow your process.
  • The candidate experience comes alive when people meet your team. The story, brand and company purpose should be consistent, transparent and compelling.
  • Create clear internal channels for information and feedback to flow back out to candidates.

Best in class candidate experience increases engagement and builds positive reputations. Creating the spark and cultural connection starts the journey to advocacy.

L’Oreal, LV= and Pepsi Co have got it, and Ovo Energy are making some running in this area. But who else is doing well? Who needs help? I’d love to hear your views.

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